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Re: [802SEC] WG Initial membership interpretation

Bob O'Hara wrote:

> Those that were present when the existing rules were crafted
> have clearly indicated that the rules are intended to grant 
> immediate membership, so that the WG can begin conducting 
> official business at its first meeting (not session).  Any 
> interpretation of the retention rule that immediately removes 
> that membership is also clearly absurd, since the WG can 
> no longer continue to conduct business, not even at the 
> second meeting of the first session

Bob raises an interesting point which would argue against
my interpretation of granting membership at the end of the 
first session. 

However, as the interim chair for the first meeting of
802.17, and trying to get the WG moving immediately, the 
truth was that there was NO business that could not wait to be 
conducted until the last day of the first session. 
Therefore, I have no qualms at all about an interpretation
that grants membership towards the end of the first session
and begining to transact business at that point. 


Michael Takefman    
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