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Re: [802SEC] RE: Reflector messed up

Dear All,

I have received an update on the reflector delays from our IT Dept.
They are continuing to work on the problem. I have included the text below.

Best regards,
Jennifer Longman

The delay problem is not just affecting the 802 SEC mailing list only, it
affecting all mailing list that has large numbers of subscribers. We are
working with sendmail support team to resolve the issue and we hope it will
be resolve as soon as possible. Fixing the problem has become our top
priority and I will keep you posted with any development.


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At 23:52 09/04/2003 -0400, wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Yesterday, I sent out an updated interpretation prior to Mark's e-mail
>to the reflector (see attached).  Yet somehow, Mark's e-mail and much of
>the ensuing discussion came out before I received my own copy of the
>updated interpretation.  This happened even though I actually sent
>Mark's e-mail to the reflector considerably after my own updated
>interpretation.  Boy is this reflector messed up.

Similarly, I have just received my copy of a post I made to the .17
reflector at 9AM on the 4th of April, and I saw a response to my post 2
days ago. 6 days delay seems just a tad excessive.