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[802SEC] Should all IEEE 802 drafts coming for sale be a CLEAN file or should theybe offered as they come (in the recirculation case, with changes marked)????

Hello All:

In our efforts to keep improving the process to make IEEE-802 drafts
available for sale, there are some things that need clarification.
Therefore, I will like to raise the following question:

I understand from Jerry Walker that we do not need to confirm with the WGC
any longer, if the draft will be made available for sale, but instead, this
will be a default process, meaning that every time a new or revised draft
comes,  we will make these drafts available for sale.

With that in mind, I would like to get input from all of you as to which is
the right thing to do in this case.  Hence, please let me know if the
drafts we will make available for sale, are to be **as they come**  (with
the changes marked)  when it comes to recirculations, or if we should make
*only clean drafts* (without changes marked* available for sale.

Please let us know as we are streamlining this process, of making IEEE-802
drafts available for sale in a timely manner, especially since this process
is so important for all of us, especially for our customers.

Please keep in mind that the prompt input from every WGC, regarding drafts
coming for recirculations, is needed and very much appreciated.


Angela Ortiz
Program Manager - Technical Program Development
IEEE Standards, 445 Hoes Lane,
Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331 USA
Telephone: 1732-562-3809  ><  Fax: 1732-562-1571
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