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Re: [802SEC] Ballots - A request

I agree with Tony. In 802.16, the policy is starker: no attachments 
of any kind on the reflector.

To take this a slight step further, I'd like to see a simple web page 
listing the various ballots. Just a simple table, with headings such 

BallotNumber Subject OpeningDate ClosingDate Results

The main purpose would be to help me know what ballots are active and 
when they close. This can get complicated when there are a lot out 
there and they all look pretty much the same in my email reader 
(because my viewer displays only the first line of the subject and 
the meat is often in the second line). For the same reason, 
"BallotNumber" would help me sort comments by topic if it were 
included in the subject line of the email.

One more reason for a web page: we could have an additional column 
labeled "Result", hyperlinked to the email message providing the 
detailed result. This would give us an archive of decisions. [Do we 
have any equivalent right now? Do we insert the results of email 
ballots into the minutes? I don't think so.]


>There have been a number of ballots recently that have had one or 
>two quite large files attached, and have come with the request that 
>we forward them on to our WGs for comment.
>Can I request that, in future, rather than shipping files around as 
>attachments, that they get placed on a suitable (publicly 
>accessible) SEC webpage, and the initiators of the ballots simply 
>pass around the relevant URLs? 802.1, for one, keeps a fairly small 
>size limit on file attachments, so this would make the process of 
>distributing the information rather simpler.