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[802SEC] 3/14 LMSC Exec. Comm. Minutes

The following are my proposed corrections/additions to the March 14, 2003 LMSC Executive Committee meeting minutes.

1. On page 10, you did not finish a sentence. You wrote "Desire to continue with the current rules and declare a moratorium on" and the line ends.

2. On page 10, during the discussion where the above sentence is minuted, I make a statement as an observer. I stated that any proposed action that would retroactively change the membership status of 802.20 people who left Dallas with a clear understanding that they were voting members would be unfair and inappropriate.
3. On page 20, it should noted that when I cover my qualifications, I did state I had given my support letter and biography to Paul before the meeting. Also no committee members asked Paul if he had biographies or letters from either of the two elected vice chairs.

4. On page 20, during the discussion on the large number of people coming to the first 802.20 meeting, I stated my opinion was that the publicity on the new work group created significant interest and that, in my experience, many wireless companies do not send their experts or very many people until it becomes clear that work will really start on a new standard.

5. Regarding the 802.20 Report of Session #1 slides, my notes indicate that the slides in minutes are not precisely the slides shown. For accuracy of the minutes, it is appropriate to include the slides as shown at the meeting without any cleanup.

Jerry Upton