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[802SEC] draft minutes 802.20 leadership con call May 28 802.20 1pm edt

 May 28 2003 con call minutes:  Meeting start: 1:01PM EDT end 1:25PM EDT

Attendees: Jerry Upton, Mark Klerer, Geoff Thompson, Paul Nikolich

Observers:  Reza Arefi, Doug Knisely, Gang Wu, Jim Tomcik, Steve

(1) WG interim session update--Mark and Jerry
- WG decided to co-locate with the 802.11/15 WG for the Sept 10 Interim Session in Singapore
- 3 correspondence groups established (requirements, channel&traffic model, evaluation criteria), some email problems (Mark is working this issue), general purpose email list has approximately 600 names
- tentative agenda for July session is in the works; above 3 groups will give presentations, project plan will be reviewed, document numbering scheme to be discussed further, elections

(2) appeal update--Jerry 
Jerry filed a request for an appeals panel hearing on May 27.  Paul expects the appeals hearing will be scheduled around the time of the July plenary session.

(3) establish time for next con call--all
The next call will be held June 10 4-5PM EDT.  Geoff and I will be at the IEEE Piscatway offices for the June Standards Board session, we will reserve a room for the call.  Mark Klerer plans on attending the call in person.


--Paul Nikolich

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Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 6:46 AM
Subject: [802SEC] Reminder: 802.20 leadership con call May 28 802.20 1pm edt

The next call is scheduled for today, Wednesday May 28 1pm-2pm EDT.  

The dial in information is:
> Public Network Dial-in Number: 408-495-3580
> 7-Digit Participant Accesscode: 495-1339# 

The tentative agenda for the next call is:

(1) WG update--Mark and Jerry
(2) appeal update--Jerry
(3) establish time for next con call--all


--Paul Nikolich