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RE: [802SEC] +++SEC MOTION+++ TENTATIVE RESULTS Authorize Forwarding of the 802.11g draft to RevCom

You have captured my approve vote correctly,
-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Nikolich []
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2003 10:01 AM
To: IEEE802
Subject: [802SEC] +++SEC MOTION+++ TENTATIVE RESULTS Authorize Forwarding of the 802.11g draft to RevCom

Dear SEC members,

There was some question as to whether or not the chair has the authority to extend the ballot duration or what the proper procedure is to do so, therefore I did not attempt to extend the ballot.   (This is an area that we need clarification on for future ballots.)  Therefore the ballot on the motion to authorize forwarding the 802.11g draft to RevCom is closed as originally posted. 

As of 10AM EDT June06 2003, below is the tentative result (7APP, 4DIS, 1ABS, 1DNV) for the ballot .  The final tally will not be posted until after 10PM EDT June 6, 2003 in order to comply with the SEC rules on electronic balloting (extract below) to allow for email delivery time.  Please verify that I have captured your vote correctly.


--Paul Nikolich 

" Executive Committee Electronic Balloting

The Chair, or an Executive Committee member designated by the Chair (usually a Vice Chair), shall determine the duration of the ballot, issue the ballot by e-mail and tally the votes after the ballot is closed. Executive Committee voting members shall return their vote and comments by email. 

The minimum duration of an electronic ballot shall be 10 days unless the matter is urgent and requires resolution in less time. Maximum advance notice is encouraged for all ballots on urgent matters. The tally of votes shall not be made until at least 24 hours after the close of the ballot to allow time for delivery of the e-mail votes.

The affirmative vote of a majority of all voting members of the Executive Committee is required for an electronic ballot to pass."


Vote categories:         DIS    DNV    APP    ABS
 01 Geoff Thompson  DIS
 02 Mat Sherman                                            ABS
 03 Buzz Rigsbee                                APP
 04 Bob O'Hara                                    APP
 05 Bill Quackenbush DIS
 06 Tony Jeffree           DIS
 07 Bob Grow               DIS
 08 Stuart Kerry                                    APP
 00 Bob Heile                                       APP
 10 Roger Marks                                 APP
 11 Mike Takefman                 DNV
 12 Carl Stevenson                             APP
 13 Jim Lansford                                 APP
                             total: -04-      -01-     -07-   -01-

----- Original Message -----
From: Bob Heile
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2003 9:51 AM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] +++SEC MOTION+++ Motion: Authorize Forwarding of the 802.11g draft to RevCom


At 09:31 PM 5/21/03 -0400, Paul Nikolich wrote:
Dear SEC members,

This is a 15 day SEC email ballot to make a determination by an SEC motion to authorize forwarding 802.11g Draft 8.2 to RevCom. 

Moved by Stuart J. Kerry
Seconded by Bob Heile

The email ballot opens on Wednesday May 21st, 2003 10PM ET and closes Thursday June 5th, 2003 10PM ET.

Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector with a CC directly to me (


- Paul Nikolich




Ballot: P802.11g/D8.2 2nd IEEE Recirculation Ballot which Closed 2003-05-14, and obtained a 95% approval.

This ballot has met the 75% returned ballot requirement.
96 eligible people in this ballot group.
64 affirmative votes
3 negative votes with comments
0 negative votes without comments
10 abstention votes
77 votes received = 80% returned
12% abstention

The 75% affirmation requirement is being met.
64 affirmative votes
3 negative votes with comments
67 votes = 95% affirmative


RESULTS OF TASK GROUP G AND 802.11 WG MOTIONS at DALLAS 802.11 session (May 2003):

Move to Forward IEEE 802.11g Draft 8.2 to the IEEE 802 SEC and to RevCom for Final Approval

Task Group G: 26 / 0 / 0
802.11 WG: 102 / 0 / 2



        Attached is a summary of status of the three "no" voters (O'Farrell, Moreton, Gilb) and the one new "yes" with comments voter (Monteban).

Tim O'Farrell, Supergold

        Tim voted NO on the first Sponsor Ballot, i.e. Draft 6.1 of IEEE 802.11g.  We have not been able to contact him sense.  E-mails were sent on both recirculation ballots requesting his response.  At the April 2003 session of 802.11g, multiple attempts were made to contact Tim to no avail.  On the first recirculation ballot, Tim provided five comments.  One comments was editorial, and it was accepted.  The other four comments were technical.  Tim had two comments related to removing optional functionality, which were both rejected.  Tim also had two comments related to ACR which were both rejected.

-        Summary for Tim O'Farrell
o        Voted "No" on first sponsor ballot
o        Has not voted on last of the recirculation ballots
o        Attempts at contact have failed

Mike Moreton, Synad

        Mike voted NO WITH COMMENTS on Draft 8.2.  All of Mike comments were editorial.  Mike currently maintains his NO vote based on previously circulated comments. 

-        Summary for Mike Moreton
o        Voted "No" on Draft 8.2 based on previously submitted technical comments
o        Submitted no new technical comments on Draft 8.2
o        Submitted 7 editorial comments
o        All editorial comments were rejected

James Gilb, Appairent

        James also voted NO WITH COMMENTS on Draft 8.2.  All of James comments have previously been circulated.  James maintains his NO vote base on previously circulated comments.

-        Summary for James Gilb
o        Voted "No" on Draft 8.2
o        Submitted 14 technical and editorial comments on Draft 8.2
o        None of the technical comments are new
o        All comments were rejected

Leo Monteban, Agere       

        Leo voted YES WITH COMMENTS on Draft 8.2.  Leo submitted two editorial comments.  Both editorial comments were found to be non-substantive by IEEE 802.11 Task Group G, thus both were rejected.

-        Summary for Leo Monteban
o        Cast a "Yes" vote with two comments
o        Both comments were editorial
o        Both comments were rejected


All Comment Resolutions are included in Doc#: 11-03-381 rev.7 as posted to the 802.11 web site, which contains all the comments from the recirculation of Draft 8.2. . A copy of which is attached for you convenience.  The document also contains Tim O'Farrell's comment from the first sponsor ballot and Mike Moreton's and James Gilb's comments from the first ballot.

As there were no new no votes or comments and no subsequent change was made to the 802.11g Draft 8.2, this ballot is concluded and D8.2 and supporting documentation will be forwarded to RevCom for action at the upcoming meeting in June.

/ Stuart

Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG

Philips Semiconductors, Inc.
1109 McKay Drive, M/S 48A SJ,
San Jose, CA 95131-1706,
United States of America.

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Bob Heile, Ph.D
Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks
Chair, ZigBee Alliance
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