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RE: [802SEC] Re: Wireless LCD Projectors for use at July plenary at HR-SF

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Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 16:52:37 -0500
From: Tim Godfrey <>
Subject: RE: [802SEC] Re: Wireless LCD Projectors for use at July
  plenary at HR-SF
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I responded directly to Buzz, but since this thread is carrying on, I'll

repeat for the broader group.

Our wireless network at meetings is running at capacity, especially in
2.4GHz band. In most hotels, there is a single large ballroom that is
for 802 and full WG sessions, and then subdivided for the rest of the
In those areas we have seen over 100 users on each 802.11b access point.
have recently been adding extra APs at lower power, but we have a
number of APs, and the power from client cards cannot be reduced. Even
the limited Internet bandwidth, there are enough users copying large
to keep the APs close to saturation.

It would be an interesting experiment to see how well a wireless
performs in this environment. Depending on the amount of bandwidth the 
projector requires, it might work poorly or update the screen very

Currently, most users are using 802.11b. As time goes on and we get more

dual band Access Points, we can encourage the use of 802.11a in the
rooms, and the 802.11b frequencies would be less busy, allowing better
of this sort of projector.

Alternately, if Epson offers 802.11a for the projector, that might be a
to avoid interference in the short term. Since there are more channels
the 5GHz band, we could re-configure our 802.11a Access Points to not
certain channels, which could be dedicated to wireless video projectors.

Also it is not clear if the projector operates through an AP 
infrastructure, or if it requires an IBSS. In the latter case, the user 
would have to leave the IEEE network and reconfigure their wireless card
use the projector, which would be inconvenient.

I think some controlled testing of such a projector in a meeting 
environment is worthwhile to answer some of these questions. With more 
knowledge we can decide if the benefits are sufficient to warrant more 
widespread use.



At 04:19  7/1/2003, wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>So I'll add one more opinion to the pile.  I think it is important that
>we try new things and see how they work, especially if they are our own
>technologies.  If we won't buy it, who will?
>I can see value for a projector with a wireless interface - where a guy
>in the back of the room can quickly display their objection on the
>screen, or where you might even be able to briefly split the screen
>between two inputs for comparison.  But frankly, I am perplexed by the
>software and control issues - another reason why I want to try it so I
>can see first hand if it works or not.
>Another area of personal concern for me is whether the RF environment
>our meetings can hack it.  I'm already not very happy with the
>performance we get out of our current WLAN without a video load.
>802.11e (QoS) is not out yet.  So, I can't wait to see what happens
>we add a video load in with our existing loads.  Will the WLAN be able
>to handle the load?  Will other traffic in the area impact the quality
>of the video on the projector?
>I view IEEE 802 not just as a standards development organization, but a
>as a potential test bed for our own technologies.  Actually, I wish we
>did more testing and evaluation of the network we run here.  The one
>thing I will caution is I'm not sure myself if an investment in the
>projector will be worth while, so don't buy more than one.  I think it
>is worth buying one though just to find out if it is worth while.
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>Subject: [802SEC] Re: Wireless LCD Projectors for use at July plenary
>Personally, I would not pay extra $ for a projector
>with a wireless interface.  Based on bitter experience,
>I never add software or hardware to my laptop while I
>am traveling, so I loathe the idea of having to add
>some new driver for this interface.
>The time required to connect a cable to a projector
>is minimal.  Time is occasionally wasted when a
>presenter can't figure out how to toggle between
>their laptop's LCD and the external monitor interface,
>or when this simple action produces a "Microsoft Moment".
>I can't see where adding a couple of layers of complexity
>will improve the situation.  For large, busy groups that
>need to save time, the best technique is to load all
>of the presentation materials onto one laptop, thus
>avoiding the need to switch connections.
>In the five years that we have been buying projectors,
>I have learned that "bells and whistles" like cameras
>are pretty much useless. I would put a wireless interface
>into the same category. It's just one more thing that
>can break, requiring a potentially costly repair, and
>taking a projector out of service.
>Let's please stick with simple, durable, bright,
>high-resolution DLP projectors with minimal bells and whistles.
>Howard (Yes, I'm a Luddite, and proud of it) Frazier
>Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:
> > FYI-  I just happened to stumble across the Epson 735c Wireless LCD
>Projector (see attached specification sheet) and thought this might
>be the thing for our future meetings, but wondered if anyone has had
>experience with this unit, and has opinions on its suitability for use
>at IEEE 802 plenaries and interims.
> >
> > It seems to be price competitive with the regular wired units, and
>might allow a lot more flexibility in sharing an LCD projector amongst
>several presenters.
> >
> > Input and opinions on this notion are encouraged.
> >
> > I'm working on seeing if we can get a couple of these units to use
>SF for evaluation purposes.  Any support for this from our Epson folks
>would be seriously appreciated.   :-)
> >
> > Thanx,  Buzz
> > Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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