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RE: [802SEC] Re: Wireless LCD Projectors for use at July plenary at HR-SF


They can't be doing a full refresh:

 60 Hz * (1024 * 768) pixels/hertz = 47 Mpixels/sec

They must either be doing some sort of compression or update the image on a slower basis.

Neither the LinkSys devices nor the Epson projector give any information on the bandwidth they need. The manual for the LinkSys does have some gobblety-gook about a high speed mode where the driving device talks only to the Linksys but it doesn't say what that high speed is nor what the performance is when not in that mode. I don't think we should put any of these projectors on our shared wireless nets without information on the bandwidth they take.


And Howard, this is obviously a more interesting topic than process, but I took your separate name off the distribution list and truncated the history to make you happy - so smile.

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I would prefer a separated approach, but as closely as I can tell from the 
data/product sheet on the references that you provided these two devices 
are emulating display memory and would have to be fully refreshed.

I believe that we would be better off hooking a PC to the projector and 
running some sort of collaboration software between PCs