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[802SEC] Request to Add Forwarding of 802.5 Reconfirmation to RevCom

Bob, this note is to request that you add the following motion to the SEC
Friday's meeting consent agenda.  

Dear SEC,
I have copied you on this email so that you have the necessary information
to allow this motion to remain on the consent agenda.

Forward the 802.5 Reaffirmation to Revcom
==============END OF MOTION==================

This request is being made based on the following:

Facts as follows: 

Ballot closed 3/12/02 with 4 NO votes (3 with comments) and 1 editorial 

No changes were made. 

The recirculation ballot was accompanied by all comments and reason for 
rejecting them. 

One new technical comment was received from the "NO" voter without comment 
the first time, and one editorial comment received. No changes were made. 

Final tally: 

52 Ballots mailed 
46 ballots returned 
40 Affirmative -> 91% Yes/(Yes + No) 
4 Negative 
2 abstentions -> 4% Abstentions / ballots returned

As further backup, I have attached the file,
TechBallotCommentsAndResponses802-5.doc, with the Technical Disapprove
comments and the response to those comments from the Ballot Resolution

Thank you Bob,

Best regards,

Robert D. Love
Chair, IEEE 802.5 Working Group

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