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Re: [802SEC] EC email vote statistics


There is in my view a very important reason why the requirements for a
motion to be approved by eballot are different from the requirements for
a motion to be approved during an EC (in person) meeting.

During an EC (in person) meeting, almost every voting member of the EC
is present, they are all (hopefully) paying attention and their vote can
be determined by visual inspection.  However, there is no assurance
during an eballot that anyone except those who vote ever saw the ballot.
 If eballot approval was determined as a majority of those voting
"approve" or "disapprove", then it would be possible for a motion to
pass an eballot with ONE "approve" vote and no other votes because no
one else saw the eballot.  Such a possibility is simply NOT acceptable



> Bob O'Hara wrote:
> I don't believe that Paul has the authority to disenfranchise an EC
> member, in this manner.  Nor does the EC have the power to give him
> this authority.  This would require a change to the P&P.  If you
> disagree, please cite the text in our P&P that allows him this power
> or allows us to grant him this power.
> Geoff is correct that the P&P explicitly makes a non-return by an EC
> member equivalent to a "NO" vote.  From
> "The affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the Executive
> Committee with voting rights is required for an electronic ballot to
> pass except when specified otherwise by these P&P."
>  -Bob