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[802SEC] RE: Poke!

Geoff,  Good concept, usually do-able, but occasionally we have a problem like now, which is actually due to a whole series of problems we had with San Francisco that caused a lot of the things that are normally done before the start of the meeting to not be done (like the meeting announcement package).  

Partial is OK for me as long as it is correct; if it's dead wrong or misleading then it's a mistake to put it up.  

We DO have the dates and locations for the next four plenaries posted for all to see so I don't think we're at risk of folks thinking we're shutting down.  

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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We have been here before!
I do not think it is OK for us to wait to post next meeting information 
until random debugging gets completed.

I would much rather that an incomplete notice be posted that says  when and 
where it is and says that reservations and/or registration is not yet 

I want to be able to point people to a site that has the next meeting info 
on it AT ANY TIME.

That means that the next meeting notice (at least to the extent of the 
information distributed at the Plenary) be put up on the website by Monday 
of the week following the Plenary.

I believe that the world is entitle to at least the same next meeting info 
as was distributed at the meeting.

Is there a problem with my concept?


At 03:41 PM 8/5/2003 -0700, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:
>Geoff,  Dawn and Jennifer are just finishing up the meeting announcement 
>package for Albuquerque.  We had a bit of a SNAFU on the Hotel's Web 
>Reservations system that made it almost impossible to get a hotel 
>reservation, so we want that to be completely fixed before we post the 
>Thanx,  Buzz
>Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
>Boeing - SSG
>PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
>Seattle, WA  98124-2207
>(425) 865-2443    Fx: (425) 865-6721
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>To:; Rigsbee, Everett O
>Subject: Poke!
>I just wanted to tell someone about the November meeting and was going to
>give them the URL
>When I checked I noticed that there is nothing posted for November yet.
>what's the delay?
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