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Re: [802SEC] Forwarding P802.3ak to Sponsor Ballot per July conditional approval


How many comments were received during the recirculation ballot (4.2).
Was there a meeting held to review those comments so that the requirement 
"all comments shall be considered" was met?
Was that meeting properly announced to the balloting body?

I never saw any announcement to the 802.3 Working Group of a comment 
resolution meeting other than that made in the closing plenary where it was 
made with a request for waiver of full 30 day notice. I don't recall ever 
seeing an e-mail announcement to 802.3. I never saw it announced on

I am hesitant to allow forwarding under these less than squeeky clean 


At 04:11 PM 8/12/2003 -0700, Grow, Bob wrote:

>P802.3ak/D4.2 has met all requirements of Procedure 10 for forwarding to 
>Sponsor ballot.  Based on the results of the 2nd WG recirculation ballot 
>closed Monday night, and detailed below, I have submitted a Sponsor ballot 
>to the IEEE-SA ballot center for P802.3ak/D5.0
>1.  The ballot was completed on the schedule presented to the EC in July.
>2.  Approval exceeds the 75% requirement.  The P802.3ak/D4.2 WG 
>recirculation ballot results are:
>Voters      215
>Approve     109   RespRate  68.84%
>Disapprove    1   AppRate   99.09%
>Abstain      38   AbsRate   25.68%
>3.  There are no new disapprove votes or remaining unresolved negative 
>     a.  Mr. Howard Frazier is an outstanding D4.1 disapprove voter.  He 
> did not submit a D4.2 ballot, though he had physically signed off on the 
> resolution to all his binding D4.1 comments.  Absent a written request to 
> flip his vote to approve or a D4.2 ballot, this remains the only 
> disapprove vote.  Comment recirculation requirements have been met.
>     b.  Mr. Jonathan Thatcher was another D4.1 disapprove voter.  He 
> commented on the D4.2 ballot that one of his binding D4.1 comments was 
> not properly addressed in the edits appearing in D4.2.  Specifically, a 
> requested informative note accepted as part of comment resolution was 
> inadvertently left out of D4.2.  Mr. Thatcher has indicated via email his 
> desire that the draft be progressed to Sponsor Ballot.  He has withdrawn 
> his D4.2 comment and flipped his vote to Approve.  Mr. Thatcher is not in 
> the Sponsor ballot group, so the Task Force Chair has committed to 
> resubmit the comment to add the informative note during Sponsor ballot.
>3.  No substantive changes have been made to the draft (no technical changes).
>Bob Grow
>Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group