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[802SEC] 802.18 document for 5 day EC pre-filing review

Dear EC Colleagues,

As one who fastidiously cleans out my "sent items," I just
want to be certain that I sent the attached document.
(I *think* I did, but want to be sure, so please excuse me
if this is a duplicate.)

The attached document was approved in accordance with
LMSC TAG provisions in Procedure 4 by 802.18, as well
as by 802.11, and 802.15.

(802.16 is meeting elsewhere, and 802.20 does not have
a quorum at the Singapore interim, so they are unable to
take any "legal" actions.)

The closing of the review period will be midnight (at the
end of the day) on Monday, Sept. 22 and the filing deadline
is Tuesday, Sept. 23.

Carl R. Stevenson
Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
610-965-8799 (home office)
610-712-3217 (fax mailbox)
610-570-6168 (cellphone)
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