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Re: [802SEC] Houston, we have a problem

Buzz and all,
The week of March 21-26 is Spring Break for a significant number of schools in the US.
I strongly object to moving the Plenary to that week. I have already booked and paid for a vacation with my family. Many other people I know have also already booked vacations.  This is a very busy vacation time and people booked very early.
Jerry Upton
In a message dated 9/17/2003 9:49:39 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:
Colleagues,  We had recently become aware of this impending problem but everyone was amazed that it seemed to happen almost overnight.  We have already begun a process to identify another property to use for the March 2004 Plenary.  We are receiving major assistance from Hyatt National Sales as well as some other industry resources.  The good news is that due the current economic downturn it appears we have several very reasonable alternatives, some of which are even located in the Orlando area, which would of course make for a very easy transition.  We are currently evaluating these alternatives to find our best options and are hoping to provide a ranked list of the final candidates by the end of next week.  We do at least have enough strong candidates that we feel very confident that this will be a low impact substitution (and given the current economic conditions might even qualify as a trade-up to an even better deal).  
So hang in there, Houston ...  help is on the way !!!     :-)
Now for one question to our SEC:  One exceptionally good alternative is only available for the week following our currently scheduled week of March 14-19, 2004.  Is anyone aware of a serious conflict or dislocation that would occur if we were to consider a proposal for the week of March 21-26, as an alternative ???  If there are known significant conflicts we will not consider the change of dates. 

Thanx,  Buzz
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