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[802SEC] IEEE IA Standards Workshop

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Dear EC members,
I have been requested to forward the attached announcement of the IEEE Information Assurance Workshop.  If you believe your members may be interested in the below workshop, please forward this information to them.

--Paul Nikolich
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Sent: Monday, October 06, 2003 12:06 PM
Subject: Announcement: IEEE IA Standards Workshop

Sponsored by the TFIA and the IEEE SA working with IASC, this workshop is meant to make people aware of these IA standards projects, get their feedback, and recruit volunteers for the first WG meetings to be held in early 2004.
Please circulate the announcement, and attend!
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From: Jack Cole [mailto:jack.cole@IEEE.ORG]
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 2:51 PM
Subject: [IA-ANNOUNCE] Announcement: IEEE IA Standards Workshop

If you receive multiple copies of this announcement, please accept our apology.

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IEEE Information Assurance Standards Workshop
December 4-5, 2003
Gaithersburg, Maryland USA




Understanding and meeting the requirements presented by the complex set of existing information assurance standards, law, and policy is a daunting challenge to everyone involved in timely and secure delivery of information. To reduce this challenge, new information assurance standards being developed by the IEEE will be crafted to fit into this existing environment. The review of standards project selection and strategy offered by this workshop supports this goal and provides a means to identify unmet needs for new information standards.


This day-and-a-half workshop therefore introduces current IEEE information assurance standards projects and solicits volunteer participation in a consensus process to produce preeminent international information standards. Projects introduced at this workshop include those recently approved for work on both baseline operating system security (BOSS™) and certification and accreditation (C&A) of information systems, each project being initially based on NIST-developed drafts. In addition, an ongoing project to develop a standard architecture for encrypted shared storage media is reviewed. And projects slated to begin later this year, dealing with security of peripherals and information assurance terminology, are discussed.


Speakers from NIST include Dr. Ron Ross, Dr. Stuart Katzke, and Mr. Gary Stoneburner. Mr. Clement Kent of Kasten Chase will speak about encrypted storage media. To convey the special needs of their communities, a few speaking opportunities will be filled by representatives from the defense, education, healthcare, finance, and energy sectors.


An evening reception will precede the workshop, and the second day of the workshop will be used primarily for breakout meetings on the BOSS™ and C&A projects, adjourning by 2pm. A workshop report will be published by IEEE. A web page has been established for this event at where details of the agenda, updated speaker list, registration, directions, and other information will be found.


This workshop is jointly sponsored by the IEEE Task Force on Information Assurance and the IEEE Standards Association working with the IEEE Information Assurance Standards Committee.


To help us properly size resources for this event, please send mail to indicating your tentative interest in attending. No subject or content is needed, and no obligation is created for anyone by this mail.


Jack Cole, IASC Chair,, +1 (410) 278-9276