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[802SEC] late notice regarding GetIEEE802


I have received two inquiries as to why IEEE Std 802.16a is not yet in the Get IEEE 802 program. Based on my investigation, I agree that it is not available.

The cover of IEEE Std 802.16a shows a publication date of 1 April. That was six months and six days ago, or 196 days, according to my count. Therefore, I think that IEEE is in violation of the Get IEEE 802 Program Agreement, which specifies a six-month delay with a maximum of 194 days.

I have three questions:

(1) Can you please let me know when 802.16a will be entered in the program?

(2) Is is typical that standards are not entered into the program except on the WG's request?

    (3) If so, how long before the six-month date do I need to notify you in order to ensure that the deadline is met?