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[802SEC] objection to press release


I object to the press release "IEEE Forms Group to Explore Wireless Personal Area Networks at 60 GHz":


(1) The 802 rules (3.1) says that "the function of the Executive Committee is to oversee the operation of the LAN MAN Standards Committee in the following ways: ... Handle press releases and other external organization matters."

(2) I don't recall the EC reviewing this press release.

(3) The title and opening sentence  ("The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has formed an interest group...") are inaccurate. The IEEE did no such thing. Neither did the IEEE-SA, nor IEEE 802. The interest group formation was done by a working group only.

(4) The release inaccurately says "Interest groups are the first step in the creation of a standard." I've never heard of an "interest group" before.