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RE: [802SEC] Final CD-ROM content

Bob,  I suggest we go ahead with the CD-ROM in the same format and style as we have in the past, and make it an agenda item for Albuquerque to draft a clear and precise letter of agreement as to what the future policy will be so that we can all be clear on the policy going forward.  We need to move forward on this and the past is our best guide and precedent for what to do until we have a clear agreement.  

Thanx,  Buzz
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From: Bob O'Hara [] 
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 5:33 PM
Subject: RE: [802SEC] Final CD-ROM content


We are working against the clock here.  Time is very short, if we want
to publish and distribute this CD-ROM in Albuquerque.  This must be
resolved immediately.  Perhaps there should be a discussion and draft
agreement prepared in Albuquerque for future CD-ROMs.  Will you take
that up?

Regarding the ISO/IEC version of documents, there was not a problem with
the 802.3 standard, for obvious reasons.  It was several other standards
that had to have their ISO/IEC versions replaced with IEEE versions.
Unless IEEE has relatively unfettered copyright to the ISO/IEC versions,
we probably need to get agreement from ISO/IEC to publish their
documents on our CD-ROM.  I don't think that is what you are suggesting.
Is it?


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From: Geoff Thompson [] 
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 4:57 PM
To: Bob O'Hara
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Subject: RE: [802SEC] Final CD-ROM content


I think it would be completely fair to say here that we do not have an 
agreement with respect to CD-ROMs and "Editions"
That is, there is no agreement that they are out (I don't think the SEC 
thinks they have signed up to this)
There is no agreement that they are in (It is obvious that Yvette and
don't think they have signed up for this).

The CD-ROM has always operated on the edge (I think everyone will admit)
what staff could put up with.

802 pushed very hard because it strongly felt that it was to the
advantage of 802 to get the material into the hands of the developers
there was some support from staff to reduce the printing cost of
distributed at no charge to the 802 membership.

About the business with ISO/IEC. I have certainly not been party to any 
agreement that modifies the original agreement regarding 802 standards.
current agreement wrt 802.3 Standards is that there is no separate
publication until the standards match!

As the one who put the original CD-ROM together in face of larger
than this, I am not willing to say our hands are tied here.


At 03:47 PM 10/13/2003 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:
>Geoff, Pat,
>I think our hands are tied here.  If I understand it correctly, there
>an agreement between IEEE and 802 that limits the distribution of the
>"editions" that are not approved, balloted standards.  I know that the
>"editions" will not appear in the "Get IEEE 802" program.  But, I was
>not aware that the agreement extended to the 802 CD-ROM.  My discussion
>with Yvette and Jerry made it clear that their understanding of the
>agreement is that the "editions" are available only for sale and for
>distribution to the WG chairs and editors.
>We are also prevented from redistributing the ISO/IEC versions of our
>own standards, by agreement between IEEE and ISO/IEC if I understand
>correctly.  The fact that we have distributed the ISO/IEC versions on
>past CD-ROMs is not going to hold any water, today.
>If we always want to be able to distribute the latest versions of our
>documents on the CD-ROM, I would think that 802's only course of action
>would be to stop forwarding new and revised standards and amendments to
>ISO/IEC, and to conduct revision ballots frequently, as does 802.3, to
>obviate the need for the "editions".
>  -Bob
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>Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 3:01 PM
>To:; Bob O'Hara
>Subject: RE: [802SEC] Final CD-ROM content
>I agree very much with what Geoff said. We have just been balloting
>additions to IEEE 802.3 which operate on text originally from 802.3
>changes from 802.3ae (which hasn't been integrated yet into an
>It is significantly extra work to have to be comparing between the
>documents all the time. Once the consolidated edition is available, we
>should make it available to our voters.
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>From: Geoff Thompson []
>Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 2:28 PM
>To: Bob O'Hara
>Subject: Re: [802SEC] Final CD-ROM content
>I have a big problem with this.
>All of the ISO/IEC version of 802 Standards have always been
>the past. They have always been a joint publication. The issue of
>being an ISO standard but only an IEEE "edition" has never been an
>a barrier.
>Also, 802 voters should not be burdened with the extra work of flipping
>back and forth between multiple documents when referring to the current
>standard in order to formulate their ballot comments.
>The work that they do on responsible review of our drafts is already
>onerous enough. Both by virtue of the size of the drafts and the size
>the established standards that they have to judge for technical
>Bottom line, I think this is a bad idea in that (1) it takes away
>we had in the past and (2) is counterproductive to good standards
>At 01:55 PM 10/13/2003 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:
> >After discussion with Jerry and Yvette, I have revised the content of
> >the CD-ROM to contain only IEEE versions of documents, since IEEE
> >not have the right to allow us to redistribute the ISO/IEC documents.
> >have also removed the "editions" of the 802.1Q and 802.11-1999
> >documents, since these are not approved standards and the agreement
> >802 is only for chairs and editors to have these documents without
> >purchasing them.
> >
> >Please review the content of the CD-ROM, below.  Get back in touch
> >me before close of business today, Pacific Daylight Time, if there is
> >something missing from the list.  I will be burning the master CD-R
> >tonight and sending it to be reproduced tomorrow.  This is your last
> >chance.
> >
> >Also, my apologies to Roger.  I did receive updated information for
> >CD-ROM for 802.16 and did not mention it in my earlier email.
> >
> >  -Bob
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