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[802SEC] 3/14 LMSC Exec. Comm. Minutes

I have updated the minutes of the March Friday EC meeting to reflect
comments made by Jerry in the email below.  The new minutes can be
obtained here:,%

The new minutes include bookmarks to the four changes I have made.  

"Modification #1" is on line 22 of page 10 and addresses Jerry's comment
#2, below.  
"Modification #2" is on line 24  of page 10 and addresses Jerry's
comment #1.  
"Modification #3 is on line 5 of page 20 and addresses Jerry's comment
"Modification #4 is on line 22 of page 20 and addresses Jerry's comment

Please review these changes to the minutes and be prepared to vote on a
motion to approve these modified minutes at the opening meeting in


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Please disregard my comment number five on the minutes. Mark Klerer
explained the differences on the slides.
Thank you,
Jerry Upton
In a message dated 7/25/2003 3:42:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> Hi Everyone,
> For those who don't have it I am forwarding Jerry's comments on the
> minutes.  I would suggest if anyone does have objections they should
> expressed early rather than waiting for the next meeting to be
> Mat
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> Subject: [802SEC] 3/14 LMSC Exec. Comm. Minutes
> Bob,
> The following are my proposed corrections/additions to the March 14,
> 2003 LMSC Executive Committee meeting minutes.
> 1. On page 10, you did not finish a sentence. You wrote "Desire to
> continue with the current rules and declare a moratorium on" and the
> line ends.
> 2. On page 10, during the discussion where the above sentence is
> minuted, I make a statement as an observer. I stated that any proposed
> action that would retroactively change the membership status of 802.20
> people who left Dallas with a clear understanding that they were
> members would be unfair and inappropriate.
> 3. On page 20, it should noted that when I cover my qualifications, I
> did state I had given my support letter and biography to Paul before
> meeting. Also no committee members asked Paul if he had biographies or
> letters from either of the two elected vice chairs.
> 4. On page 20, during the discussion on the large number of people
> coming to the first 802.20 meeting, I stated my opinion was that the
> publicity on the new work group created significant interest and that,
> in my experience, many wireless companies do not send their experts or
> very many people until it becomes clear that work will really start on
> new standard.
> 5. Regarding the 802.20 Report of Session #1 slides, my notes indicate
> that the slides in minutes are not precisely the slides shown. For
> accuracy of the minutes, it is appropriate to include the 
> slides as
> shown at the meeting without any cleanup.
> Regards,
> Jerry Upton