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[802SEC] Preparation for November 802 News Bulletin

802 Leadership,


If you have not done so yet PLEASE send me your News Bulletin input. I have only received input from 802.3, 802.15 and 802.16.


Thank you for your cooperation


Mark Klerer




It's time to begin developing the November 2003 802 News Bulletin.


I know that we all have busy schedules and that the task of preparing this input is non-trivial. However, I believe that the bulletin is well worth the effort and urge you to prioritize this task. The bulletin is an effective means of communicating with the media and industry. The IEEE 802 News Bulletin (from Jan 2003-Sept 2003) has received - on average - 30,000 hits per month.


With this note, I would like to solicit your cooperation in getting this activity underway by providing a preliminary draft of what your group expects to accomplish at the November meeting to me by 31 October 2003.


To facilitate the editing task please note the following:


   1.      Try to follow the general format and style of the previous issue


   2.      Try to succinctly communicate key accomplishments and milestones

     of your projects. Please include all accomplishments since the last


   3.      Final updates to the material will be due 19 November 2003


I am confident that, with your cooperation, we will be able to continue to have a timely and informative news bulletin that will allow 802 to manage the messaging that we release to the press and larger community interested in 802 activities and standards.


Thank you in advance for your timely cooperation.


Mark Klerer

+1 908-997-2069