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RE: [802SEC] Motion on 802 News Bulletin

Frequently, I have to travel to somewhere else for another week or
more of meetings following ours.
I would prefer, if there is not some really compelling reason that
the input must be within 3 days, that the deadline be extended
to 5 days.  This would take the pressure off a bit on anyone who,
like myself, is often in transit the weekend following our plenary.
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Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 4:35 PM
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Subject: [802SEC] Motion on 802 News Bulletin

EC Members,


The following constitutes a revision of the Motion dealing with the support of the IEEE 802 News Bulletin.


Attached is the reply I received form Karen McCabe on the feasibility of working without a pre-plenary draft of the News Bulletin. She indicates that IEEE staff is willing to work without the pre-meeting input.


Bob Grow indicated that he may be willing to support a motion on providing input to the news within 3 days in lieu of the status report due within one hour of the closing of a plenary session.


Based on that I would like your comments on the following proposed motion for the closing EC meeting. I will only present if we get a chance of passing the motion otherwise we will take it up next time.




Whereas the IEEE 802 News Bulletin has become the standing means by which the IEEE 802 WGs and TAGs disseminate timely information, it is resolved that:


      The requirement for the WG Chair to deliver  a "Plenary Closing Status Report" to the EC secretary within an hour of the close of the WG meeting be replaced with the following responsibilities:

      •  The WG chair is responsible for assuring that timely input is provided to the 802 News Bulletin coordinator to facilitate posting of a final version of the News Bulleting one week after the closing of each 802 plenary.  To this end a summary of the  WG accomplishments  shall be provided within three days of the close of the  Plenary session.
    • The WG chair may delegate this responsibility to a WG member.



Please let me have your comments and I will see if we are close to consensus.