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Re: [802SEC] Update on the motion to operate under a pending ruleschange.


I will be starting the P&P ballot this week. I agree with your
ruling and will be happy to reintroduce a motion after
we've done comment resolution on the P&P ballot.

I find the arguments about this roll call vote being a
impediment to progress rather weak given my own experience in
dot17 and the number of times a roll call was requested.

Balancing that against the useful information it gave me as
a chair to help make forward progress, I see very little
likelyhood of this rule being negative.


Paul Nikolich wrote:
> Dear EC members,
> The motion to operate under the pending rules change on Roll Call Votes  
> was 7 approve, 5 disapprove, 1 abstain.
> The LMSC bylaws require a least a 2/3 majority of all EC members to 
> approve a rules change for submission to ballot and for adoption.  The 
> EC has 13 members with voting rights.  Greater than 2/3 of the EC 
> members is at least 9.  In my haste to conclude the meeting, 
> I didn't apply this rationale, but upon reflection, it is my 
> judgement that motions regarding the adoption of a rule (regardless if 
> they are permanent or temporary) must require at least 2/3 majority.  
> Therefore, the motion to operate under the pending rules change on roll 
> call votes did not pass as it did not achieve at least a 2/3 majority.
> Regards,
> --Paul Nikolich
> Chairman, LMSC

Michael Takefman    
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