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[802SEC] Fw: LS from ITU-T SG15 to IEEE 802 on OTN&T work plan

Dear EC members,

This liaison statement from the ITU-T SG15 arrived November 7th, but I
failed to forward it to the EC.  I am forwarding it now for your
consideration.  Howard and Mike Takefman, I think this will be of most
interest to you, altough I Roger Marks has also indicated relevance to his
work as well.

I apologize for not forwarding this along earlier so you could have
addressed it with your groups at last week's plenary session.


--Paul Nikolich

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Sent: Friday, November 07, 2003 9:29 AM
Subject: LS from ITU-T SG15 to IEEE 802 on OTN&T work plan

> Dear Sir,
> On behalf of the Chairman of the SG15, Mr. Peter Wery, I am pleased to
> you a Liaison Statement on the OTN&T work plan issue 4, as agreed by the
> SG15  meeting (Geneva, 21-31 October 2003) .
> Because when receiving this LS the work plan issue 4 could not be
> yet in the web page mentioned in the LS itself,  I attached it here below
> for your convenience.
> Best regards,
> TSB Counsellor
> To SGs 6 and 15
>  <<TD OTN&T plan 4.doc>>  <<LS15-44.doc>>

TD OTN&T plan 4.doc