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Re: [802SEC] Indemnification policy update


That would certainly work for me. Lets hope it
works for staff/management :)


Paul Nikolich wrote:
> Mike,
> I voluntered to be present, but Karen was unable to say whether or not I was
> needed at this first meeting.
> --Paul
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> From: "Mike Takefman" <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 4:11 PM
> Subject: Re: [802SEC] Indemnification policy update
>>will there be any 802 representation during the meeting(s) or
>>is it closed?
>>Paul Nikolich wrote:
>>>Dear EC members,
>>>I spoke with Karen Kenney yesterday (Monday Nov 24) on the
>>>indemnification matter.  Karen informed me that a meeting has been
>>>scheduled among IEEE management and counsel on December 19th to begin
>>>resolution of the matter.  The meeting will include the IEEE corporate
>>>participants (Executive Director of the IEEE (Dan Senese), IEEE legal
>>>counsel (Bob Dwyer),  IEEE Staff Director-Financial Services (Tom
>>>Lynch)), and IEEE-SA staff participants (Pam Deese, Judy Gorman, Karen
>>>Kenney and ML Neilson).  It appears this matter is being taken very
>>>seriously by IEEE management and they are trying to address it in a
>>>timely manner.  I expressed my concern and our need to have a revised
>>>interpretation prepared no later than the January interim session, or
>>>else  volunteer leadership may resign as a result of a poorly
>>>interpreted, poorly understood policy that is of critical importance to
>>>all our volunteers.
>>>I will continue to work closely with Karen to ensure this matter is
>>>satifactorily resolved as quickly as possible.
>>>--Paul Nikolich
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Michael Takefman    
Distinguished Engineer,       Cisco Systems
Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
3000 Innovation Dr, Ottawa, Canada, K2K 3E8
voice: 613-254-3399       cell:613-220-6991