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RE: [802SEC] Fwd: RE: December 2003 BoG agenda available online

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Given the "precedence" change we just made to our P&P, do we have any choice but to adhere to this new rule?


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Subject: [802SEC] Fwd: RE: December 2003 BoG agenda available online


BoD approved changes to IEEE Bylaws that address concerns about how abstention votes are treated and about email voting
Changes apply to Standards Board and all other subsidiary committees
Abstentions do not count in total of votes cast
Only approval by a majority of voting members needed to approve actions taken by email vote
Most of the changes do not apply to BOG, since BoD determined that Major Boards must follow BoD rules
Abstentions still have the effect of a no vote in BOG votes
BOG email votes must gain unanimous consent
Note that this contrary to the procedure of the SEC
I do not think that changing to adhere to this would be an improvement.
That is, I firmly believe that failure to respond on an SEC mail vote should continue to be counted as a disapprove.


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Subject: RE: December 2003 BoG agenda available online
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Hi all:

I also plan to give a "report card" on the work Mary Lynne, Dave Ringle, and
I did in 2003 on changes to the Operations Manual; it also previews 2004
activity and asks for any other changes that you think should be considered.
This will be at the start of agenda item 5.1 on the BoG agenda to lead us
into those 8 motions to approve Ops Manual changes in agenda items 5.1.1
through 5.1.8.

See you soon.


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