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Re: [802SEC] ad hoc EC meeting during January Interim session


1) I will be in vancouver on sunday morning or early afternoon.

2a) I want to have a CR session on the outstanding ballot(s)
     I propose the standard sunday night 7pm slot.

2b) In addition to indemnification, I would like to discuss
     the dot20 situation and Jerry's action plan on dealing with
     the contentious issues including improper voters, consultants
     and block voting. I am free to have this at any time,
     however I suspect later in the week would be best to give
     Jerry some time to discuss his plans with people and refine it
     prior to presenting it.

3)  I will make myself available anytime except wednesday morning
     which would be our mid-week 802.17 plenary



Paul Nikolich wrote:
> Dear EC members,
> Since all the 802 groups will be meeting in the same venue for their 
> January Interim session many of the EC members will be in Vancouver.  
> Therefore, it has been suggested that it may make sense to have an 
> informal ad-hoc EC meeting during that time.  Even though we can't make 
> any formal decsions, we can discuss EC items such as the indemnification 
> issue, the China SAC relationship, the Visa issue, the SA limited 
> support for 802, email ballots that are in progress, etc.
> I will be arriving Saturday Jan 10th and plan to leave Thursday (Jan 
> 15th) morning, so I would be available for a meeting on Sunday 
> afternoon/evening.  I don't know how much time we would need, it will 
> depend on the discussion items, but I would expect we should allocate 
> somewhere between 2-4 hours.
> Please respond to this email with the following information 
> before Thursday of next week (Dec 18th):
> 1) will you be in Vancouver?
> 2) list items you would like to be discussed during an informal ad-hoc 
> EC meeting
> 3) propose a date/time for a ~2-4 hour meeting between Sunday NOON and 
> Wedneday night.
> Based on the above feedback, I'll put together an agenda and date/time 
> for the meeting by Friday (Dec 19th).
> Regards,
> --Paul Nikolich

Michael Takefman    
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