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[802SEC] IEEE 802 January 2004 Interim - Shipping

	Hello Everyone,

	If you are planning on shipping anything to Vancouver for the IEEE 802
Interim Meeting next month, please let me know. Canada customs - Convention
and Exhibitors Unit has provided us a letter to assist in shipping into
Canada. It was recommended by Canada Customs that a copy of this letter be
send with shipments into Canada for this event. I can either fax you a copy,
or send you a .pdf (289 KB) of the letter. If you prefer fax, please provide
me your fax number. Please note that this does not guarantee clearance into
Canada, and that a Customs Broker may still be needed.

Happy Holiday's
Jennifer Hull
Face to Face Events
2699 Iversen Ct
Santa Clara, CA. 95051
Tel: 408-241-8906
Fax: 408-241-8918