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Re: [802SEC] Avoiding Appeal Pain in the Future

At 18:06 13/02/2004, Geoff Thompson wrote:
>We should just fix this in the rules
>In 802.3, one of the requirements for being a voter is that you maintain 
>correct contact information. Your contact information goes invalid, you 
>lose your right to vote until it is corrected (admittedly, this was mostly 
>for letter ballots rather than in-meeting but it is the rule). We could 
>expand that concept to include correct and current information regarding 
>"sponsor or affiliation per ANSI requirements".
>That would make the requirement an up front portion of acquiring voting 
>status and would pre-set expectations.
>That should minimize bickering over the long haul after the initial spike.
>We would have to formulate specific requirements that consultants would 
>need to meet in fulfillment.

Sounds like a great idea.