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Re: [802SEC] +++802 EC Motion+++ LMSC request to BoG for improvingCAG procedures



Paul Nikolich wrote:
> Dear EC members,
> This is an EC email ballot to make a determination on the below EC 
> motion regarding a request to the IEEE SA BoG for improving IEEE SA 
> Corporate Advisory Group procedures. 
> This is an urgent matter, as the IEEE SA BoG is meeting the morning of 
> Feb 27 to discuss the matter and I want to have an EC decision completed 
> before then.  I will be present at the BoG meeting.
> Since this is an urgent matter and the topic has been available for 
> review and comment on the EC reflector since Feb 11 (see 
> for background material), I 
> am setting the duration of the ballot to close the earlier of 9PM EST 
> Feb 25th (6 days) or within 24 hours after every member of the EC has 
> cast a definitive vote (approve, disapprove or abstain).
> Please direct your responses to the EC reflector with a CC directly to 
> me ( <>).
> Regards,
> - Paul Nikolich
> Moved: Bob Grow, Second: Tony Jeffree
> The IEEE 802 LAN/MAN standards committee (LMSC) requests the IEEE-SA 
> Board of Governors take action to protect the value of IEEE-SA as a 
> standards development organization by requiring proper IEEE-SA, 
> Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) and working group procedures that:
> 1. allow CAG standards sponsorship for truly new standards activities 
> that are outside the scope of existing working groups;
> 2. allow CAG standards sponsorship for new standards that are not 
> effectively amendments to existing standards or projects of active 
> working groups;
> 3. recognize that working groups must make selections between technical 
> alternatives, and prevent the CAG from becoming a mechanism that can be 
> used for undermining the decision making process of working groups by 
> sponsoring competing projects to standards and projects of those working 
> groups;
> 4. discriminate between disinterest in a proposed standards project and 
> recognize an established working group's position that a proposed 
> standards project is within its area of work and that the proposed 
> project should not be approved.

Michael Takefman    
Distinguished Engineer,       Cisco Systems
Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
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