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[802SEC] Reminder: all EC members must have endorsement letters on file prior to confirmation

Dear EC members,

This note is to remind all of you (and potential EC member candidates), that incoming EC members must file a letter of endorsement from their sponsoring organization with the Recording Secretary prior to confirmation.  If you have filed a letter in the past,  you must re-file an updated endorsement letter.  If possible, please file the endorsement letters with Bob O'Hara prior to the start of the March opening EC meeting or as soon as possible thereafter.  They absolutely must be on file prior to the closing EC meeting when the confirmation votes will take place.  I will also keep a copy.

Please notify potential EC member candidates in your WG/TAGs of this requirement.  I have included the text of the 802 P&P below for your reference regarding this specific requirement.


--Paul Nikolich


From LMSC P&P Section 3.2 Membership:

Each member of the Executive Committee shall, prior to confirmation by the executive committee, file with the Recording Secretary a letter of endorsement from their sponsoring organization. This letter is to document several key factors relative to their participation on the Executive Committee and is to be signed by both the executive committee member and an individual who has management responsibility for the Executive Committee member. This letter shall contain at least the following:

1. statement of qualification based on technical expertise to fulfill the assignment, and

2. statement of support for providing necessary resources (e.g., time, travel expenses to meetings), and

3. recognition that the individual is expected to act in accordance with the conditions stated in
3.4.1 Voting Guidance dealing with voting "as both a professional and as an individual expert."

3.4.1 Voting Guidance It is expected that LMSC Executive Committee members will vote as both professionals and as individual experts, except under the Directed Position provisions of Procedure 8, and not as a member of any affiliate block (organization, alliance, company, consortium, special interest group, etc.). If substantive evidence is presented to the LMSC Chair that this provision is violated, the LMSC Executive Committee will meet to consider what, if any, action to take on the presented evidence. Such action may include any action up to and including a recommendation for removal from office.