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Re: [802SEC] +++ EC P&P Revision Ballot +++ on LMSC fiancial operations


The ballot has closed.

The results are as follows.

	              Approve   Disapprove   Abstain   No Vote   Comments
	Nikolich                    X                               X
	Thompson                    X                               X
	Sherman                     X                               X

	O'Hara                      X                               X
	Quackenbush                                      X
	Jeffree                     X                               X
	Grow                                             X

	Kerry                                            X
	Heile                                            X
	Marks                                            X
	Takefman                                         X          X
	Stevenson                   X                               X
	Upton                                            X

I will attempt to resolve all comments and will distribute a revision of
the proposed P&P change incorporating the proposed comment resolution
before the Sunday evening rules meeting in Orlando.



Bill Quackenbush wrote:
> Dear EC members,
> Attached you will find the text for an EC Policies and Procedures
> revision ballot on LMSC Financial Operations.  This letter ballot was
> approved at the Friday, November 14, 2003 LMSC Executive Committee
> meeting.  The scope and purpose of the changes being balloted are as
> given in the attached ballot document.
> The ballot opens January 23, 2003 and closes February 22, 2003 at
> 11:59 PM Pacific Time (Daylight or Standard as applicable). (Remember
> if you do not vote or abstain it is equivalent to a DISAPPROVE vote).
> Buzz,
> Please ensure this gets sent to the "802ALL" email list as well.  WG
> chairs, if you haven't already done so, please invite your WG members
> to comment through you.
> Thanks,
> wlq
>                                          Name: P&P Ballot Procedure 1
>                                                R1.0.pdf
>                                          Type: Adobe Portable
>    P&P Ballot Procedure 1 R1.0.pdf             Document Format
>                                                (application/pdf)
>                                      Encoding: base64
>                                   Description: Unknown Document