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[802SEC] P802.16/Conformance03 to RevCom: support for March EC Motion

Dear EC,

P802.16/Conformance03 ["Draft Standard for Conformance to IEEE 
Standard 802.16 Part 3: Radio Conformance Tests (RCT) for 10-66 GHz 
WirelessMAN-SC Air Interface"] has concluded Sponsor Ballot. The 
initial approval was 39-0-1, with comments. In recirculation, which 
concluded yesterday, no comments were received. The approval moved to 
40-0-1. I'd like to congratulate the Task Group Chair, Ken Stanwood, 
and the Editor, Lars Lindh.

Under previous guidelines, I would have presubmitted this draft to 
RevCom before the Feb 13 deadline. However, under the policy change 
from the Nov 2003 EC meeting, presubmittal is no longer permitted. 
Therefore, I plan to move on 19 March to forward the draft to RevCom.

I have completed the RevCom submittal package:
This will form the basis of my EC motion. The submittal includes a 
cover letter dated 19 March.

The draft is available here:



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <>          
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <>
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA