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Re: [802SEC] URGENT *** EC ELECTRONIC BALLOT*** Please respond immediately,due to regulatory deadline ...



Stevenson, Carl R (Carl) wrote:
> Dear EC Voting Members,
> Paul Nikolich has delegated the conduct of the following EC electronic 
> ballot to me, due to extraordinary circumstances.
> While the ballot is *technically* a 10 day EC electronic ballot, *as a 
> practical matter there is a deadline of 0600 EST Friday, March 19th for 
> filing the attached document with the ITU-R **and I also need time to 
> coordinate IEEE-SA approval with Terry deCourcelle of the IEEE-SA staff 
> before transmitting it to the ITU-R Secretariat in Geneva electronically.*
> Paul has ruled that this ballot will close as soon as it receives 100% 
> voter response, providing that the last vote is not a "DIS", since 
> comments attached to a "DIS" vote could conceivably persuade others to 
> change their "APP" votes to "DIS" votes ...  Please remember that  the 
> ballot will not close without 100% response and cast your vote promptly.
> I profoundly apologize for the short notice - while I was not presented 
> with the substance of this document in a timely manner, I believe that a 
> timely submittal  to the ITU-R is appropriate and desirable in the 
> interest of furthering the acceptance of IEEE 802 wireless standards in 
> the ITU-R.
> The attached document, for which I am seeking your approval, is purely 
> informational and non-controversial, but never the less important to 
> submit to the upcoming meeting of ITU-R JTG 6-8-9, and I urge you to 
> promptly cast your "APP" vote so that it may be transmitted to Geneva in 
> a timely fashion.
> Note that the EC approval motion below *is conditional on the approval 
> of the document by IEEE 802.18*, which has not yet occurred due to the 
> late delivery of the substance of the document to me, but that I fully 
> anticipate that the document *WILL* be approved by 802.18 shortly after 
> 0800 EST on Thursday, March 18th, when 802.18 reconvenes. I am 
> submitting this conditional approval motion in parallel solely in the 
> interest of facilitating the meeting of the filing deadline, and the 
> document will NOT be transmitted to Geneva without the approval of 
> 802.18, the EC, and Terry deCourcelle of the IEEE-SA.
> I have pre-coordinated with Jim Carlo on this and have his explicit 
> approval to send the document to the ITU-R **if** 802.18, the EC, and 
> Terry deCourcelle all approve.
> I will also take steps to make sure that everyone possible understands 
> that, in the future, such late requests will not be looked on favorably 
> and will only be acted on in the most exceptional of circumstances.
> Follows the motion:
> *To approve the attached document, ieee-jtg689.doc, as an IEEE 802 
> document, conditional on the approval of IEEE 802.18, and to authorize 
> the Chair of IEEE 802.18 to seek approval from the designated IEEE-SA 
> officials to transmit the document to the ITU-R Secretariat before the 
> submittal deadline of 1200 Geneva time (0600 EST), on Friday, March 19, 
> 2004 for consideration by the upcoming meeting of ITU-R JTG 6-8-9.*
> ** 
> *Moved:  Carl R. Stevenson, Chair, IEEE 802.18*
> *Seconded: Buzz Rigsbee, Executive Secretary IEEE 802*
> ** 
> Again, I apologize for submitting this ballot on such short notice, but 
> urge you to promptly cast an "APP" vote so that the document may be 
> transmitted to Geneva in a timely manner.
> If you have questions for me regarding this motion or the document, 
> please seek me out or call me on my cellphone ASAP.
> Regards and thanks in advance for your prompt cooperation and 
> assistance, as well as your tolerance and understanding,
> /Carl R. Stevenson/
> Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
> IEEE Liaison to ITU-R
> 610-965-8799 (home office)
> 610-712-3217 (fax mailbox)
> 610-570-6168 (cellphone)
> Short Message Service:
> ** 
> ** 

Michael Takefman    
Distinguished Engineer,       Cisco Systems
Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
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