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Re: [802SEC] Closing EC meeting agenda items--please send them NOW

Steve-  here are my known requests.  May be one more

1)  PAR submissions
802.15.3b amendment to 15.3 MAC to incorporate corrections and clarifications
802.15.4a amendment to 802.15.4 -alternate physical layer
802.15.4 REVb  Revision to 802.15.4-2003
802.15.5  Recommended Practice for Mesh Networking in WPANs

There were no comments on these other than a question on how I plan to phase the revision and amendment PARs 4a and 4b since a revision must incorporate all approved amendments and this can be problematic.  In this instance the tasks in 4b are well known and will likely complete well in advance of 4a making this a non issue.  Should they happen to complete at the same time, we would delay the submission of 4a to the RevCom meeting after the meeting which considered 4b to avoid the problem.  All four PARs were approved by unanimous consent by the Working Group.  PARs can be viewed at

Given there were no comments and in the interests of saving some agenda time, I propose these be placed on the consent agenda.
1a)  Extension of Study Groups 3b, 4a, 4b, and 5 until July pending final action on the PARs--  Consent agenda??

2)  Conditional Approval under Procedure 10 to submit 802.15.1a to Sponsor Ballot

3) Brief discussion to determine EC interest in some tools to improve Document Management-no motions

4) Affirmation of 802.15 officers

5) Brief discussion on the idea of using invited ballot pools within working groups-no motions

At 10:15 AM 3/18/2004 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:
Dear EC members,
Please send all your agenda items to me and Steve Shellhammer ASAP.

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