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Paul, et al,
I have received a 100% voter response and 100% approval on the EC ballot, so, per Paul's ruling, it is closed and approved.
Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.
Here are the details:
Jeffrey      Approve
Heile        Approve
Johnston     Approve
Upton        Approve
Takefman     Approve
Sherman      Approve
Marks        Approve with a minor, non-controversial editorial that I accepted
Grow         Approve
Kerry        Approve (written signature, due to e-mail problems)
Thompson     Approve (written signature, due to e-mail problems)
Quackenbush  Approve (written signature, due to e-mail problems)
Rigsbee      Approve (written signature, due to e-mail problems)
O'Hara       Approve
Stevenson    Approve
Tally:  Approve 10, Disapprove 0, DNV 0, Abstain 0

Carl R. Stevenson
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IEEE Liaison to ITU-R
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