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[802SEC] Revision 02 of the Friday EC agenad is attached

Dear EC members,
Attached is the second revision of the agenda.  As you can see it is full.
In order to save time, the process I will use during the affirmation of officers will be to affirm the Chair and Vice Chair(s) in a single motion.  I will leave it to the EC members if they wish to split the motion to affrim each position separately on a WG/TAG case by case basis.
WG/TAG chairs, please send your WG/TAG affirmation results to the EC ahead of time so questions can be answered before the meeting if possible.  Remember, you need to present the numerical results of the votes for each position, or in the case where a vote was not taken, the number of members in the room when the candidate was elected/re-affirmed.

SEC AGEN_FRI 2004-03r02.XLS