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[802SEC] Submission of a regulatory document to ITU-R under the IEEE Sector Membership

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Dear EC members,
This note is to inform you of a resubmission of a (reformatted, slightly edited version of a) previously approved regulatory document.
The original document was approved by the EC in March 2003 for submission to the US WRC-03 prep process, in response to a request for input from US government agencies, as a counter to a paper submitted to the ITU-R by the administration of Canada on behalf of the Mobile Satellite ("MSS") folks, .  (The MSS folks had tried to get their paper approved as a US contribution to ITU-R and after being rejected by the US, they "went shopping" and managed to persuade Canada to submit it for them.) With the frenzy of activity leading up to WRC-03 last summer, the Canadian paper didn't "get a lot of traction."
This year, the MSS folks again tried to get the US to support their paper, were again rejected, and this time their shopping spree ended in Australia, who submitted a contribution, essentially identical to the Canadian document we opposed before, on April 02 --- but it didn't appear on the ITU website for several days -- in fact about 36 hours prior to the submission deadline of this past Wed. for contributions to the ITU-R WP 4A meeting (14-23 April) where it would be considered (by a bunch of satellite folks).
Since we opposed the MSS proposals before as technically flawed (and they could end up being prejudicial to the 802.11a's future use of the band 5150-5250 MHz - an allocation that many of us fought hard to get) and there was an extremely tight deadline, I consulted with Paul, Stuart, and Jim Carlo (for the IEEE-SA) and we collectively decided that it was appropriate to submit a properly formatted version of the previously approved material to the April 14-23 meeting of  ITU-R Working Party 4  (under the IEEE's Sector Membership) as a counter to the Austrailan MSS document .   
The  document was slightly modified for appropriate ITU-R formating and improved readability, but there were no changes to thrust or substance.  The document was approved by IEEE-SA as a contribution to ITU-R WP4A and submitted electronically right at the submittal deadline this Wed.  (The reason I did not advise you yesterday was that I was asleep, due to having "pulled an all-nighter" to get the document massaged, approved, and submitted on time ...)
The original  document that was approved in March 2003 and the revised version that was submitted to ITU-R are attached for your information.  I will be attending the WP 4 Ameeting  in Geneva 14 in my role as the IEEE Liaison to ITU-R to present the document and support our interests .

Carl R. Stevenson
Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
IEEE Liaison to ITU-R
610-965-8799 (home office)
610-712-3217 (fax mailbox)
610-570-6168 (cellphone)
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