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[802SEC] Conditional approval of P802.3ah

Title: Conditional approval of P802.3ah

I sent this message out on Thursday, but it may be waiting an approval from Mr. O'Hara because of the two small attachments.  I'm resending without the attachments.  If anyone wants to see the ballot report or the two comments/responses I ruled as not valid new comments, please let me know and I will send to you directly.

The project has been submitted to RevCom and is currently on the June agenda.




The D3.3 Recirculation Ballot of P802.3ah closed on 7 May 2004.

As shown on the attached ballot summary, we have:

76 Affirmative, 4 Negative, and  6 Abstains

This computes as 95% approval.

We had no new negative ballots.  No changes have been made to the draft (or promised) in response to D3.3 comment resolutions adopted by the BRC on a 12 May teleconference meeting. 

During the D3.3 3rd recirculation ballot, a balloter who had previously voted Negative submitted two comments. These two comments were not made against the contents of the draft, but against the process that was followed to consider and respond to the seventeen hundred and seventy (1770) comments that the balloter submitted on the 2nd recirculation ballot. These two comments, along with a rebuttal provided by the Ballot Resolution Committee, can be found in the attached file named “P802-3ah_D3_3_unresolved.pdf”.  Per IEEE-SA process, as IEEE Working Group Chair I concur with the responses and determine that these two comments do not constitute valid new negative comments and therefore do not need to be circulated to the ballot group.

As I reported when making the motion for conditional approval, this project has a large number of accumulated unsatisfied negative comments, and that remains true.  If you wish to view other of these accumulated unresolved comments they can be found at:

Mr. Frazier has prepared the RevCom submittal package for this project, and I will be submitting soon to meet Friday's submittal deadline.


Bob Grow

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