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[802SEC] Big Broadband Position Statement to Come

Dear EC members,

Jim Carlo wanted me to circulate this among the EC for comment.  Please
forward your comments to IEEE-USA.


--Paul Nikolich

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Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 8:51 AM
Subject: FW: Big Broadband Position Statement to Come

> Could you distribute to 802 SEC for comments.
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> Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 4:47 PM
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> Subject: Big Broadband Position Statement to Come
> Importance: High
> Folks,
> Please see the attached document.  It is also reproduced below in the body
> of this message.
> Alan McAdams and John Richardson
> *****
> To: CCIP
> From: Alan McAdams and John Richardson
> Topic: Rapid Build Out of Big Broadband in the US
> In an attempt to move quickly we have used the IEEE-USA Position Statement
> of February, 2003 together with the OIDA Executive Overview Statement of
> July, 2004 to bring the issue of Building Out Big Broadband to the
> attention of policy makers. The two papers are short and highly
> complimentary. Together they have strong substantive impact.
> Very quickly it became clear from the small number of parties in both
> campaigns that we were able to contact directly, that their attitude was,
> no new starts. We have been actively discouraged by these parties from
> attempting to go forward at this time.
> The implications of this are that the US will be limited to Little
> Broadbandwell into 2006, while Japan, Korea, Members of the EU, and others
> in Asia continue their rapid march into the future. We conclude that our
> focus must be to build a powerful groundswell for action in this arena as
> early as possible in the new administration, whichever side wins.
> It will be exceedingly difficult to get any "mindshare" during this
> tumultuous period of the build-up to the elections in Iraq. On the other
> hand, we have the opportunity to identify supporters of Big Broadband in
> other organization and to enlist them in joint efforts on a scale required
> to have an impact.
> Speaking for myself (Alan) I must admit that initially I was quite
> discouraged.  As a result, I have been giving priority attention to my
> day-jobof teaching and research (and really enjoying it!)
> John and I are now embarking on the early draft of an updated IEEE-USA
> Position Statement on Deploying Big Broadband as Rapidly as Feasible. This
> Position Statement can join the other two; The PS of 2003 and the OIDA
> Overview of 2004, as nuclei for a coordinated rallying cry.
> John and I seek others to join in the CCIP effort. We also seek assistance
> in identifying and enlisting like-minded parties in other organizations to
> join in these efforts.
> We will have a draft to you in the not too distant future. In the
> meantime,
> we welcome comments and suggestions on all the topics mentioned in this
> memo.
> Onward and upward!
> Cheers,
> John and Alan
> Alan K. McAdams                                         342 Sage Hall
> Professor of Managerial Economics               Cornell University
> Johnson Graduate School of Management           Ithaca, NY  14853-6201
> Tel:   (607) 255-6443
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