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Re: [802SEC] Potential IEEE-SA CAG standards project: LAES

Its a good would seem, to say the least, mildly absurd for an individual to have to incorporate him/herself in order to participate in such an activity, where (as Geoff points out) individuals are most definitely interested parties.


At 14:53 27/09/2004, Geoff Thompson wrote:

While I don't see any particular objection to this project being done outside 802, as a citizen I see a problem with this being done by the CAG. If this project is done by the CAG then individual U.S. citizens (who I strongly believe are materially interested parties) will be excluded from balloting because they are not "non-individual persons".

To that end, I believe that this is a bad idea.


At 07:04 PM 9/26/2004 -0700, Paul Nikolich wrote:

Dear EC,

I don't think this has any impact on what we are working on, but thought I
should forward it to you regardless so that you can see the SA is ensuring
CAG projects are subjected to proper process.


--Paul Nikolich

----- Original Message -----
From: <m.nielsen@IEEE.ORG>
To: <std-liaison-reps@IEEE.ORG>
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 4:13 PM
Subject: Potential IEEE-SA CAG standards project: LAES

> IEEE Standards Sponsors:
> The IEEE Standards Association Corporate Advisory Group (CAG)
> has received and accepted for review a proposed PAR using
> the entity development method.
> The proposed PAR is entitled "Draft Standard Architecture
> and Functional Decomposition of Lawfully Authorized Electronic
> Surveillance (LAES) of Public IP Network Access Service (PIPNAS)
> and Definition of a PIPNAS Provider and its Capability Requirements
> for LAES" and is attached. This project is proposed to be sponsored
> by the CAG.
> Per the CAG processes, existing IEEE Standards
> sponsors other than those identified on the PAR have 40 days
> to review this request and respond if they are interested
> in sponsoring this corporate project.
> Please review the attachment and, if interested, reply
> to indicating the sponsor's name and
> chair contact information for use in further communication.
> If you do not respond, the CAG will assume you are not interested
> in sponsoring this project. All responses must be received
> by 29 October 2004.
> All sponsors should be aware that the CAG has model operating
> procedures for sponsors and working groups producing corporate
> standards that can be adopted by other IEEE Standards sponsors.
> The current versions are attached for your use.
> If there is no direct interest from current Sponsors in this project,
> the CAG will vote to determine whether it will sponsor the project
> through the IEEE process.
> If you have any questions, please email them to
> Regards,
> Chuck Adams
> Chair, IEEE-SA CAG
> (See attached file: LAES-Project Authorization Request (PAR) Form.pdf)
> (See attached file: CAG--Spons_P&P_05_19_03.doc)
> (See attached file: CAG--WG_PP_05_19_03.doc)

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