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Re: [802SEC] March 2005 Plenary Session overflow rooms and Hyatt Regency rate changes

At 17:52 09/02/2005, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:
>Tony,   Wow, now here's a guy with a great memory.

I have a great memory for pompous hotel staff ;-)

>   Actually, it was the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Buckhead

That has to be a typo ;-)

>(a suburb of Atlanta) which is snobby enough to actually have an enforced
>dress-code (remember the liveried doormen?).

I'd forgotten about that aspect of the place, but yes, now you mention
it...but not quite as bad as a place I stayed in New England around the
same time that had imitation Yeomen of the Guard (Beefeaters) on the door.

>   But it is the Ritz-Carlton management company that does that, not juat
> the Atlanta location.

That figures - the Ritz Carltons I have seen elsewhere seem to have a
similar problem. The one just south of Irvine serves great cocktails though.

>  You will note we have not done anymore Ritz Carlton hotels since that
> one mistake, so I would not be concerned that we will see a similar
> problem this time.  But I will have Dawn or Jennifer double-check to make
> sure that casual attire (e.g. blue jeans) will be acceptable in all areas
> of the hotel (except possibly their highest-priced, fanciest restaurant).

Sounds good.

>   Both Hyatt and Hilton tend to cater to business travelers and are
> generally very accepting of casual attire.

Yep - that sounds right -

>What a blast of nostaglia, though !!!    :-)

They don't make nostalgia like they used to though Buzz...


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