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[802SEC] Status on ALL pending P&P Revision Ballots

Title: Status on ALL pending P&P Revision Ballots


Attached please find Word and PDF versions of the most recent proposed resolution on all pending P&P Revisions Personally I find the Word version much easier to read and recommend you stick to that for reviewing the changes.

I have made minor editorial changes in all of the proposed resolutions based on inputs received and my own observations.  I have also reduced the layered revisions to make the text more readable. I don’t believe I have changed any of our agreed upon intents (as achieved during the various telecons) but wish to call the following to your attention:

In the P&P revision on EC Voting in subclause 7.1.4 I have changed

Let me know if anyone feels this is not an improvement.  I also rewrote the last line in the change on the P&P Revision Process dealing with objections to an ‘editorial’ changes.  Again, the intent of the text is identical.  I am simply trying to clarify it based on comments received.

Finaly I don’t believe the output of the resolution telecom on WG Voting rules has been circulated before so pay special attention to that.  The biggest change I saw was reduction of the quorum requirement for interims to 33%.  This was in of the requested change to allow no quorum at interim announced at least 6 months in advance.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Remember there will be NO RULES MEETING SUNDAY NIGHT!  However, we will have a somewhat extended discussion during the opening EC meeting, and I will schedule additional time during the week if any major issues exist.  Minor issue I plan to resolve one on one.  I plan to take straw polls on Monday to see which ballots are ready for approval and which require more work, so please be prepared to participate.

See everyone Monday.


<<802.0-P&P_Revision_Process-Proposed_P&P_Ballot_Resoution_r2_050311.doc>> <<802.0-EC_Membership_&_Meetings-Proposed_P&P_Ballot_Resolution_r5_050311.doc>> <<802.0-EC_Voting_Rules-Proposed_P&P_Ballot_Resolution_r3_050311.doc>> <<802.0-WG_Voting_Rules-Proposed_P&P_ballot_resolutions_r3_050311.doc>>

<<802.0-P&P_Revision_Process-Proposed_P&P_Ballot_Resoution_r2_050311.pdf>> <<802.0-EC_Membership_&_Meetings-Proposed_P&P_Ballot_Resolution_r5_050311.pdf>> <<802.0-EC_Voting_Rules-Proposed_P&P_Ballot_Resolution_r3_050311.pdf>> <<802.0-WG_Voting_Rules-Proposed_P&P_ballot_resolutions_r3_050311.pdf>>

Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.

Senior Member Technical Staff


Office: +1 973.633.6344


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