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[802SEC] Proposed P&P Revision ballot on 'WG Membership and Meetings'

Title: Proposed P&P Revision ballot on 'WG Membership and Meetings'


Here is the first in a series of ballots I hope to initiate at the end of the week.  Please keep in mind that the goal of the voting on Friday is to verify a perceived need for the ballot and establish the ballots scope.  You are not voting to approve the text incorporated but rather the scope of the ballot.  I’m wide open on potential solutions and welcome suggestions and changes even at this stage.  However I know some of these issues are sensitive, and I’d prefer we not be too picky about the text at this point.  We can always vote against the result of the ballot next session.

Anyway, look at what I have.  If there is some specific change/addition/deletion you think should be made, let me know, and I will likely just adopt it.  When it gets time for a vote on Friday, try not to get too hung up on the specific text at this point.  We will have 4 months to refine it before approving it and as with the current ballots, can break things into subballots at a later point if need be.



<<802.0-WG_Membership_&_Meetings-Proposed_P&P_Revision_ballot_r0.pdf>> <<802.0-WG_Membership_&_Meetings-Proposed_P&P_Revision_ballot_r0.doc>>

Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.

Senior Member Technical Staff


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