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[802SEC] Notes from meeting on venues outside North America

Discussed possibility of starting with an 802-hosted interim meeting
(with all WGs participating) in January 2007.  There was some discussion
of making this meeting a fourth 802 plenary and continuing with four
plenaries each year.

Buzz and Dawn reported that they looked at Hong Kong, Beijing, Bali,
Tokyo, London, Rome, Taipei, Singapore, Sydney.

Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Melbourne: hotels not big enough to have
sufficient meeting space, not well enough collocated with additional
meeting space.

Sydney looks good, either Hilton by itself (with another overflow hotel)
or convention space with surrounding hotels. (Hilton: 1/7-12 2007, we
are second option, convention center is available).  Looks good as a
future possibility.

Need to put together a "meeting requirements document" to allow bidding
for future meetings.  The meeting requirements document must clearly
describe where the contractual requirements reside, i.e., the local
sponsor will be signing hotel contracts and 802 contracts with the
 1. Buzz and Dawn have produced a preliminary outline for this document
 2. Buzz and Dawn will "boil down" our contract requirements to what can
be expected to be acceptable outside of North America.
 3. The document will explain the 802 responsibilities to the local
 4. The document must clearly indicate the limits of 802 financial
deposits for holding a venue.
 5. The document must indicate that we are providing our own meeting
planner and the responsibilities of the planner.

Roger will provide a copy of the form he uses for evaluation of his
meeting proposals.

Publicity value for the local meeting agent should available.  This
needs to be clarified in the EC closing meeting.

A focus group will be established at the closing EC meeting to develop
and review the materials for the meeting requirements document and
hosting guidelines.  This group will work out details of survey
questions on cost, perception of benefits to members, and maybe another
on participation at a session outside North America.  The survey will be
on the registration page for the San Francisco session.


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