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[802SEC] Fwd: Re: Confidentiality Notices


See below the practical solution to the confidentiality notice problem that
Hal has put in place for the 802.1 exploder. This (or similar) would seem
to be something that could be replicated across the other 802 exploders to
good effect.


>Mat -
> > Hal Keen, who supports the 802.1 exploder, has incorporated a set of
> > filters to do just that on the 802.1 exploder. I would suggest that
> > whomever does this job for 802.11 takes advantage of Hal's experience in
> > setting these up. I'm sure what he does is not as simplistic as triggering
> > on a single word.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Tony
>I have a large set of phrases, designed to match objectionable notices
>actually observed. Three of them are specific enough that they are set up
>for immediate rejection; the assumption is that the sender has mistakenly
>allowed the claims to be added, and would be able to retransmit without
>them if notice is sent.
>The others are more general, and are set up to force messages containing
>them to wait for me to check them. (I don't know if you have a list
>configuration that allows that; the .1 lists are
>"self-moderated"--subscribers can send freely, others need approval--as
>part of my spam defenses.)
>Anyway, below my signature you will find appended a copy of that portion
>of my content filters. Some of the phrases have been constrained by
>avoiding line breaks in known cases of objectionable text; I don't trust
>ListServ to match patterns across lines. Some might be improved; this has
>been developed ad hoc.
>Hope this helps.
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