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[802SEC] Contention-Based Protocol Study Group Next Steps

Dear EC members,

As we agreed at the March closing EC meeting the activities of the 
Contention-Based Protocol Study Group should be communicated across all WGs 
to keep them informed of their progress.  Attached are the minutes of 
yesterdays telecon (thanks Peter for getting these out so quickly.)  If you 
have any questions or concerns please contact Peter Ecclesine directly.


--Paul Nikolich

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Peter Ecclesine"
Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2005 4:49 PM
Subject: Contention-Based Protocol Study Group Next Steps

From 802.11-05/336r0, minutes of 13 April telecon:

Next Steps
With the review of the relevant documents and regulations, the SG has
completed at least the first pass of items one and two of its scope (see
document IEEE 802.11-05/0223r0).  The SG scope may be summarized as
1. Identify technical scope
2. Determine impacts on IEEE 802 standards, for example:
    a. Co-channel sensing requirements
    b. Definition of ‘contention-based protocols’
    c. Signaling of enablement to mobile stations
3. Decide whether a TG is needed, and if so define PAR and 5 Criteria.

Participants were requested by the chair, Peter Ecclesine, to provide
contributions for the next meeting to address item 3 of the scope and to
assist in deciding if a TG is needed and, if so, some possibilities for
PAR and criteria.  These contributions should include discussion of the
need and advisability of further work in 802, what aspects of 802
standards may be impacted, and how 802 might proceed to address the
opportunity (if needed).

Peter will prepare the next agenda based on contributions received, and
participants are urged to submit their papers early to ensure inclusion.

I will spend some time next week discussing QoS in non-exclusively
licensed bands, but after that am ready to ask the group about PARs in
.11 and .16 (because .16h is titled License-Exempt) that share most of
the Five Criteria.

Comments or questions?

Peter Ecclesine, Technology Analyst, New Markets & New Technologies
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