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Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process

Title: RE: [802SEC] Five day approval process
I think the way forward on this item is for you conduct a confirmation ballot of the TAG via email.  Assuming at least 75% of the TAG members approve the document, you will have met the requirement in the P&P.  As soon as you attain the 75% threshold, notify the EC with the result.  The EC has had the document for review for 5 days as of today, there have been no motions to block, so it is safe to assume the EC approves the statement EXCEPT for the lack of the explicit confirmation of the TAG members. 
So, in this one case, I'm willing rule it is OK to send the statement to Industry Canada as soon as you receive the explicit confirmation from at least 75% of your TAG members.  So---get on the stick, or get one of your TAG officers to help you since you are out of country--and beat the bushes to complete that confirmation vote via email as soon as possible.  In the future, please make sure the confirmation ballot is conducted prior to submitting the document to the EC.
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Subject: Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process


The decision to work on this response by conference call was taken at the closing session of 802.18 in Atlanta. The call details (bridge number and dates of the first two calls) were agreed at that meeting. The entire TAG was notified prior to each of the calls and furnished the then current working draft. During the second call it was decided to have a third and final call which and the TAG was notified. In response to that notice (and final draft) comments were received from one individual and considered on the third call. The completed response was then circulated to the TAG for further comments.

There was no vote taken and the comments represent the consensus of those who participated. After the final version was circulated there was only one response and that simply asked if that person's comments had been considered since he didn't join the conference call (they were considered and for the most part accepted).

Since this is a consensus document created by those in the TAG that decided to participate in developing the comments. While no formal vote was taken it would seem that silence by the TAG after the final document was circulated is assent to the document.

Glad to discuss. Connection to the internet here at the CITEL meeting in Guatemala City is not so good but I will check email as often as I can.



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Subject: Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process

A five-day review under Procedure 14.2 should include a report of the WG or TAG voting results, since the procedure specifies a minimum:

Procedure 14.2: Working Group or TAG communications with government bodies shall not be released without prior approval by a 75% majority of the Working Group or TAG. Such communications may proceed unless blocked by an EC vote. For position statements not presented for review in an EC meeting, EC members shall have a review period of at least five days; if, during that time, a motion to block it is made, release of the position statement will be withheld until the motion  fails.


>I will let Mike answer definitively for himself, but in the past, this
>has just been the 5 day EC pre-filing review and the doc would go as a
>.18 filing. (if nobody makes a motion to block filing within the 5 day window, Mike can file it as a .18 document, per the P&P)

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>Subject: Re: [802SEC] Five day approval process
>            Is your email intended to initiate an EC vote on this
> 802.18 document?  If so would it then become an 802 document versus an
> 802.18 document?
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>Subject: [802SEC] Five day approval process
>Dear EC members,
>Please find enclosed 802.18's comments in response to the Canadian UWB
>consultation. The comment period closes 6 May. During our 18 March
>closing EC meeting I indicated that 802.18 would work on a response to
>the Canadian consultation by conference calls and correspondence. This
>document is the result of that effort. I would like to be able to forward this to Industry Canada on 2 May. Regards, Mike

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