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Re: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ Motion for Network Equipment Upgradesl+++ends 19 August 2005


I don't think that one can vote for half an email motion. If we were at a meeting I would make a motion to divide the question of funding the module purchase and the investigation of cards and I would make a motion to amend the module purchase to put an upper dollar limit on it. With an email motion, we started voting right away without a chance to do that.

I'm willing to authorize $6K for IEEE 802 to acquire the .11a modules for our access points. I'm not willing to vote to authorize an investigation, but I also don't think you need such a vote to do the investigation and at least you have information now on the concerns that would arise.

May I remind you that your email said:
>VeriLAN, will hand out the new cards and provide support for those wishing 
>to upgrade,

"providing support for those wishing to upgrade" goes a lot farther than advising people that they many need an upgrade. Perhaps you only intended to mean that VeriLAN would only give out information about the need to upgrade, but that isn't how it reads so don't stomp on those of us who read "provide support" as more broad than that. 

I suggest we start out with a step of advising people about what they can do:
Add a link on the registration page to some advice on wireless configuration including noting that our .11a capacity is less populated and encouraging people to use that where possible. Also suggestions on other features that we expect attendees will find useful for them or better for our overall network performance - e.g. the security protocols that we expect to operate and the feature that listens for power advisories.


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Geoff,  The BIOS Upgrade is provided and certified by Dell, and VeriLAN is merely advising you that with that model of computer without the upgrade you are likely to experience some of the problems to which Matt has alluded.  If you don't think your company would approve of you using Dell's BIOS Upgrade facility to fix the known bug, then you should refrain from doing it and installing the Tri-Mode card.  Where's the problem ???  

VeriLAN's role is support-only.  They would advise you of things to check before attempting the install, any things to watch out for during the install, and suggest some remedies if you should experience a problem.  They do not "mess with your machine."  OK ???  Are we clear on that now ???

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