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[802SEC] Proposed LMSC P&P Revision to address AudCom concerns and issues

Dear EC Members,


As previously identified, AudCom voted not to accept the LMSC P&P based
on concerns and issues they have identified.  While we have permission
to operate under the current P&P, I've promised to address the issues at
the first opportunity - Which is now.


Attached please find a zip file.  I've changed the extension to 'piz' to
try and get by at least some of the e-mail filters out there these days.
Otherwise, do a binary download of the file off of EC email archive.  It
includes a set of documents I plan to review tonight at the LMSC P&P
review.  They include:


4.4.2_LMSC_P&P_November_2005_r051204.pdf: The LMSC P&P version reviewed
by AudCom 

sponsmodelPaP05.pdf: The current Sponsor Model P&P that I believe AudCom
is comparing our P&P to.

LMSC_P&P_review091306.doc: The formal recommendation not to accept our
P&P and why

LMSCspons-PP--Check off table 091306.doc: A check off list used to
compare the LMSC P&P to the model P&P

Permission to operated under current P&P.pdf:  The e-mail trail I had
with Rona Gertz at IEEE concerning AudCom not accepting our P&P

802.0-AudCom_-_Proposed_LMSC_P&P_Revision_Ballot_061111_r0.doc:  A draft
set of P&P revisions I've developed to address AudCom's concerns


Note that Bob Davis did the actual review of our P&P and I am attempting
to contact him to get clarification on some of his comments.  I will
also share our proposed revisions to make sure it addresses all his


Obviously this is just my cut at a resolution.  I look forward to
participation from other EC members (and any other parties with
interest) at the P&P review this evening to develop a revision that we
can all agree on.  Note that I view most of the changes as not impacting
our detailed policies and procedures but rather ensuring that the
document provides specific guidance that SA desired to be present in all
sponsor P&P.


Hope to see everyone this evening.




Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Senior Member Technical Staff 
BAE Systems Network Enabled Solutions (NES) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 



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AudCom Changes.piz